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http://cgpmsltmutyogck3.onion/ – Dream Market Working Official Link Dream Market

Dream Market without doubt is one of the most popular, most well-stocked and most reputed darknet marketplaces that exists today. Pertaining to its already established popularity, here’s a in-depth review of the same.

I’ll also include in this review answers to the most asked questions about Dream Market, along with a fully guided tutorial (with screenshots) of how to get the basics done on Dream Market, where I’ll include:

Before exploring the dream market, first, everyone should know the recommended points before exploring the dream market what things you can buy or sell in this marketplace.

Now let’s go ahead on the dream marketplace review!

Dream Market Overview

In case, you’re in a hurry, this overview should get you answers to the overall summary of the marketplace and then you can proceed to the rest of the review.

Dream Market is a site founded back in 2013, last year exactly in this month, I did a review of them and since then the number of products on the marketplace has grown over 25% indicating its active nature.

And the fact that it’s nearly 5 years old now obviously contributes towards the site’s overall reputation and trustworthiness.

Also, because most “formerly popular” Darknet marketplaces such as Silkroad, Alphabay, TradeRoute, Hansa Market have been shut down, the number of currently existing marketplaces with as many products as Dream Market is thin, if not non-existent.

  • Dream Market Total Listings150,599 (as on 01.12.2018)
  • Primary URL – http://cgpmsltmutyogck3.onion/
  • Forum – http://tmskhzavkycdupbr.onion/ (Support Only By Forum)
  • Subreddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/Dreaminfo
  • Products Category – Digital Goods, Drugs, Drugs Paraphernalia, Services, Others
  • Crypto Coins SupportBitcoin, Bitcoin Cash
  • Escrow SupportYES
  • Coins LaundryOptional
  • 2FA SupportPGP Key

Dream Market Mirror:

Date of signature: February 14, 2019, 9:16 pm
Signed by the Dream Market (http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/about) official PGP key.

  • http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion
  • http://2m7l7ivlrtxae7op.onion/
  • http://wet4o7ali46htxkm.onion/
  • http://wxanv3mgclbfdt56n4zs2tpo62npcbheyfmb3wdfxzcz43rhvway7did.onion/
  • http://2m7l7ivlrtxae7op.onion
  • http://uhivlt5grrqjhad7.onion
  • http://ptlsz6dxboul2u3z.onion
  • http://jd6yhuwcivehvdt4.onion
  • http://t3e6ly3uoif4zcw2.onion
  • http://6frnzrkfkoyyp2gk.onion
  • http://ocan7onexbaad3g7.onion
  • http://s2c4cmjtvqvdlpw4.onion
  • http://2op42f4qv2reca5b.onion
  • http://53tae27o6zd27rvf.onion

The above Mirrors are legit and the verified ones, which can be proven from this official forum comment by Dream Market moderator, and/or the following screenshot:

Also, the same URLs are posted on the left-sidebar of the official site as well again confirming their validity.

Note: Before access any dream market link, make sure check link are verified or not because lot’s of internet sites offers phishing links. that’s may thief your credential data. Never visit any dream market that you will be got from the untrusted source. and always use the single link that you already used before. I only added verified links here for you. you can choose anyone that you will like.

Bookmark This Page: Ctrl + D (Shortcut Key for Future Reference.)


Most of Dream Market isn’t too colorful it’s simple and easy to understand and void of any distractions.  As soon as you login for the first time, they greet you with a Security advice, followed by your invitation link, along with information about the Withdrawal PIN and the new onion URL.

The shop-interface is newbie friendly, you can use the “Browse by Categories” section on the left-sidebar to narrow your search down to the categories of products you want.

Or, you can directly use the search box at the top of the screen to input your keywords and find the products.

The top-most bar has three simple options, “Shop”, “User account” and “Messages”, so you can navigate around the three most important sections of the site using those three options right there.

Dream Market

All in all, if you’ve ever used “Internet” in general, you won’t have a problem understanding or using Dream Market.

Also, I love theme features dream market offers two different modes (DayLight Mode, Dark Mode), User can select anyone. I like dark mode because this looks interesting and eye-catching.

150,599+ Products Available

One of Dream Market’s strongest suits is its ever-growing stock of products. It’s not only arguably the most product-rich market at the moment, but probably also the fastest growing one with 150, 599+ products already listed.

It has 76,560 products listed just in the “Drugs” category, making it the most well-stocked category of them all. If you need a specific type of drug, you can choose from the sub-categories of the parent section, which include:

  • Heroin
  • Ecstacy
  • Opioids
  • RCs
  • Steroids to name just a few.

Nearly all of these sub-categories have products in the thousands when it comes to quantity.

Apart from Drugs, “Digital Goods” is another one of the most popular categories on the marketplace with 60,332 products as of today. It simply includes products which can be used digitally without needing physical existence, such as credit cards, hacked accounts, e-books, software etc.

Dream Market also lets you procure as well as learn services such as hacking, scams, money-making, carding etc.

Then there finally is the “Other” category, which is used to list all the services which don’t fit into any other type, although it primarily consists of premium tees and watches which you can buy at a fraction of their original cost.

What’s Not Allowed?

Even though it’s an underground marketplace, it’s not without ethics. Dream Market doesn’t allow the trade of the following items and/or services, I think this is the main reason, this darknet marketplace still surviving since from last five years.

  • Assassination
  • Fentanyl
  • Poison
  • Child Pornography
  • Live Rape, Torture, Snuff, etc.
  • Weapons

Commendable Security Features

Being long-enough in the game, Dream Market knows the importance of a secure infrastructure and hence provides for quite a few of them.

For starters, it keeps “rotating/changing” its onion address over time, so it can’t be traced, seized or disabled by the authorities.

Secondly, it allows 2-Factor authentication using PGP Encryption (which we will also show how to implement). Which means while login you need to decrypt a message, which can only be decrypted using your PGP key hence verifying your identity.

It also shows you “last login” upon your login every time, which lets you know and check that no one else was snooping around your account in your absence.

It also provides a secure escrow which acts as a middle-man in between a buyer and a seller during a trade, making sure no party is scammed or deprived of their rightful product, or money.

When registering, users are asked to enter a 4-digit PIN which is mandatory, this PIN is called the “Withdrawal PIN”, and is used in addition to your password when you try to withdraw funds from the marketplace.

This makes sure even if your account is hacked or compromised and hackers gain access to it; they can’t do anything with your Bitcoins in the account without having your Withdrawal PIN. This is a third-layer of security that Dream Market provides to its account holders.

Auto-encryption is another one of the security features that the marketplace uses while ordering an item, you get a tick-box which says “encrypt this message”, when ticked your communication is auto-encrypted by the platform so that it can be decrypted only by the vendor you’re sending the message to.

*Note: It’s not safe, or recommended to use the auto-encrypt feature, we mentioned it because Dream Market makes it available which should be recognized, but if the marketplace is ever seized like Alphabay, Hansa or Silk Road, all of this “auto-encrypted” message can be decrypted by law enforcement agencies.

Hence, always use third-party PGP encryptions to encrypt your communications on Dream Market (we will show how in the later sections).

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Monero(Support Canceled) Accepted

Even though I’ve included a step-by-step process on how to order things on Dream Market, you need to know that the marketplace accepts more than just Bitcoin.

That’s because Bitcoin’s transaction time and fee aren’t always economic, while that for Bitcoin cash, And Monero doesn’t support.

Although from the “anonymity” perspective, Bitcoin still is the best bet in case you don’t mind spending couple extra dollars on the transaction fee.

Finalize Early Available

Finalize Early is a feature which is there for the ease of the sellers, when you do Finalize-Early an order, the seller instantly gets your money without having to wait for Escrow to release it after you receive the products.

In this case, the product comes later, but the seller gets his money first. Now you can use it in two primary conditions, first if the seller won’t ship without FE and the amount isn’t that big and you’re okay with losing the money in case you’re scammed.

The other time you can use FE is when and if you have a history with the seller, maybe enough recommendations, or just trust the seller from your gut-instincts that you won’t be scammed.

Although in our opinion, it’s best never to Finalize Early with a new vendor.

So, that was about the review of Dream Market, we’ve included its basic features, security features, product availability, user-interface, and currencies accepted. Which I believe are all the things which you needed to know, aren’t they?

Now let’s get down to answering some of the most asked questions about Dream Market.

Most Asked Questions about Dream Marketplace (With Answers)

Q1. Unable to Register, wrong captcha issue.

The Captcha on Dream Market may be hard to grasp, that’s because you need not enter the “complete captcha text”, and rather just the text “within the rectangle Box”.

Also, Captcha is case sensitive, in this example, you need to “3HLu” in Captcha code box.

Q2. Why can’t you Login to the forum?

Earlier, the Dream Market Marketplace and Forum allowed for the same credentials to be used on both.

It won’t work, if you’re trying to do so now, that’s because the Marketplace and the Forum have separate URLs now. Hence, you need to Signup separately in order to access the Forum. After successful signup, you can participate in any threads and can share your experience about the dream marketplace.

Q3. Do you need a valid E-mail ID while Signing up on the forum?

Not exactly, even though an “E-mail ID” is mandatory, it doesn’t have to be valid because no verification link or OTP is sent to the E-mail.

Q4. What to do if Market isn’t opening and is being DDoSed?

Dream Market is quite frequently a victim of DDoS attacks, during such an attack the server becomes overloaded and users can’t access the marketplace.

In such a situation, use one of the several Mirror links provided above, those links are independent of the parent domain and are accessible.

Q5. How many confirmations does Dream Market need?

Dream Market requires 3 confirmations for your Bitcoins to be processed and accepted on the marketplace.

Q6. How to contact Dream Market Support?

In order to reach Dream Market support, first of all you need to be logged in. If you’re not logged in, you can’t reach support and are automatically redirected back to the homepage.

Once you’re logged in, simply add /support at the end of the primary URL to reach the support page. The current support URL will be http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/support

Q8. How long is the deposit address valid on the marketplace?

Addresses have a validity of 7-days or one week after generation if not used. Meaning you can use an address once in the 7-days. If you use an address once, it changes instantly and you’ll have to get a new address the next time you wish to deposit funds.

Q9. When and When not to use Finalize Early?

As explained above, use it when you don’t mind losing the order amount, or trust the vendor. Big no otherwise.

Q10. The best place to buy Bitcoins for Dream Market?

We have a number of solutions to this question, choose one according to your mode of payment:

Or, you can simply use Cex.io and/or LocalBitcoins.com to buy Bitcoins.

Q11. How to send Bitcoins without being traced to Dream Market?

Obviously, the wallet addresses can’t be proven in most cases to be of Dream Market. But if you still need anonymity, you can use a Bitcoin Mixer to mix your Bitcoins first and then send to the deposit address.

Here’s a list of some of the best Bitcoin mixers existing in the industry today.

Q12. How to cancel an order on Dream Market?

It’s not exactly Amazon or Wallmart, so the only way to cancel an order is to message the vendor and ask him/her to cancel the order from their end. There you can’t cancel your order that’s why first confirm, is still you want to order or not? if a decision is confirmed then you can order your product.