How to Deposit Monero on The Dream Marketplace

Do you have brand new dream market account and want to deposit Monero on the dream marketplace, here I am telling you all necessary steps that can help you in depositing.

First, you need to log-in your dream market account by valid username or password, if you are successfully login then simply click on the “Monero” button from the top-bar instead of Bitcoin as we did earlier.

Then, click on “Generate Integrated Monero Load Address” to generate your Monero deposit address.

Dream Market

Once the address is generated, simply send your funds to this address and they’ll appear in your account after 10 confirmations.

Security Tip (optional):

On the Deposit page, click on the link which says “Get proof of ownership here”.

Dream Market

It will show you some PGP encrypted text, simply copy this text and paste it offline on a notepad file or anywhere else.

Dream Market

It’s a kind of a letter of guarantee, which you can use later if the marketplace refuses to acknowledge your deposit. If you have this encrypted message, you can prove that the address you sent money to was actually Dream Market’s and hence they can’t claim receiving no funds or the address being not valid at a later time.