How to Set 2-Factor Authentication on Dream Market?

If you are here, definitely, you want to set 2FA on your dream market account, Is am I right?

yes, I am, let’s start!

before step by step tutorials, first I want to tell you why 2FA is must on all available dark web stores and what type 2FA you can set here?

Darknet markets don’t offer 2FA by Mobile number or Google Authenticator apps, here you can set 2FA by PGP Key.

And when you dark web store account has 2FA enable then you need to verify encrypted message by your private key, if your key will be right then you can easily decrypt message otherwise not. this simple means no one can hack your account, only that type user can access your account who has your private key which is not possible.

Here I am only writing about how to setup 2FA on dream market, not sharing how to use PGP or how to create your PGP key. If you want to know more about this PGP then you need to check complete PGP guide here.

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If you have any confusion about how to access the dream market and want to know right and secure process then you need to check how to access the deep web guide here. this guide can help you to understand about every concept of deep web or dark web.

Let’s check out step by step how to set 2FA authentication on dream market with screenshot.

How to Set 2-Factor Authentication on Dream Market (Step by Step)

Before you can setup 2-FA on Dream Market, you need a PGP key for the marketplace. I think you alredy know how to create PGP key because I aredy gave you one guide link where you can learn how to create PGP key. but below I am gving you direct software link that will create PGP key for you.

First of all, download GPG4WIN. It’s a 27Mb file, and is free. After downloading it, install it and make sure you’ve checked all the boxes while installation:

After installation, simply run the program (Kleopatra) and click on “File > Create new keypair”.

Then on the next popup, click on “Create a new OpenPGP Key Pair”.

Then, you can either set a name and E-mail for your PGP key, or leave both the fields blank, it’s totally optional. If you do enter a name and E-mail, make sure you enter a fake name and an anonymous E-mail ID, such as Protonmail (or a random ID, doesn’t have to be valid) which can’t be traced or linked to you in anyway. Then, click “next”.

On the next screen too simply click “Next” and then a popup would come up asking you to set a passphrase for the PGP key. Set any password you want, and click on “Ok” to finally create your PGP key.

You would be shown your PGP key along with some advanced options such as making a backup, E-mailing the key etc. which you should ignore and click on “finish” if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing.

Now, run the “GPA.exe” on your desktop (or simply search for it), it’s auto-installed along with GPG4WIN, click on the “keyring” option on it.

It’ll bring up all the keys you’ve so-far created, simply right-click on the key you created just now, and select “copy”.

Now you need to paste this copied public PGP key onto your Dream Market account. Login to your account, and click on your username on the top-bar to reach your Profile section.

Then from the “Update profile” section, next to “Login method” use the drop-down button and change the method to “Password plus PGP”.

Scroll down, and paste the keys you just copied in the “Public PGP Key” box and click update!

I think now you already find your question answer, If you have still any question then you can contact us by contact us page. Keep visit!